Black Foot Raw

Feed your pet
like a boss

Strategic diversity

for a complete and diverse nutrient profile

Whole food supplements

to plug nutritional gaps

Unparalleled support

In-depth customisation for various breed dispositions and medical conditions

Pack in a set of 7

A selection of beef, kangaroo, lamb, chicken, duck, venison and seafood to choose from to create your pet diet.
Tracable ingredients with higher nutrients & lower inflammation

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Red Meats

Preys consisted primarily of mammals like gerbils, rabbits, and deer. Using beef, lamb, and kangaroo, we recreate the same amino acid profiles and fats your pet’s wild cousins would eat. Red meats are also vital for minerals like zinc and iron. We use only grassfed or wild caught meats for better omega 3 to 6 ratio and thiamin.


A sparrow is like a vitamin B complex supplement for your pet. To provide the same, we use chicken and duck. The vitamin B family denature when exposed to air so poultry is an important part of your pet’s diet.


Yes, fish is not really a prey for wild cats and wolves but they sometimes ate lizards, an essential source of vitamin D and magnesium. Fish provides your pets with the same, as well as the added boost of omega 3. Mussels add manganese to your pet’s diet.


Muscle organs are taurine rich while secreting organs are so nutritious they are added in small amounts to prevent excess. Liver serves up vitamin A and copper while the various organs like kidney and spleen give you selenium and other essentials.

Ground Bones

Many of you will know that bones are a rich source of calcium. But they also supply magnesium, iron, manganese, selenium and a host of other minerals, as well as traces of highly bio-available vitamin E. The connective tissues are rich in collagen. We use the neck, head, feet, wings, tails, and ribs in our meat packs.

Wholefood Supplements

Egg yolk: for choline, vitamin D and many more. Nutritional yeast: vitamin B complex. Tripe: manganese. Sunflower seed powder: vitamin E and zinc. Oyster: zinc. Kelp: iodine. Inulin: probiotic fibre.

Transitioning to raw food

Step 1

Transition to wet food. Start regular feeding schedule. Stop free feeding. It’s not healthy! Introduce tiny portions of canned food – approach us for
recommendations. Remove food after 1 hour. Slowly increase wet food and decrease dry until all food is wet. No dry.

Step 2

Transition to raw food. Break Blackfoot meat packs into parts. Put unused portions into freezer. Add pea-sized amounts of raw. Mix in well. Continue to increase raw as you decrease the wet food. If pet refuses increase in raw, go back to smaller amounts. Do not let your cat refuse food for more than a day… it may cause fatty liver disease! Patience. Your pet is worth it.


  1. Vomiting: reset to smaller amounts. If vomiting persists, switch protein to eliminate possible food intolerance.
  2. Refusing raw completely: Try a different protein (white meat to red or the other way). Add toppers like nutritional yeast, parmesan cheese, crushed kibbles, freeze dried, canned food juice.
  3. Come talk to us to help you troubleshoot… we have helped countless pets transition.

Over 50% red meats… for a complete amino acids profile Poultry … for the vitamin Bs and a more diverse amino acids profile.

10-15% fish and shellfish… for vitamin D, omega 3, marine collagen, manganese and zinc.

Seasonal ingredients for greater diversity: Quail, Norwegian salmon, Iberico pork collar, Turkey, Organic beef bone marrow, and more…

Organs in rotation...

  • muscle organs (heart, tongue, tripe, or lungs)
  • secreting organs (liver + kidney, spleen, pancreas, brain, or testes)
  • Ground bones in rotation… feet, head, neck, frame, tail, or head

We plug the missing pieces to make the nutritional raw diet jigsaw complete.
And we use only whole food supplements too for nutrient synergy and to prevent nutrient excess over time.

It is not just diarrhea. We differentiate gut issues: Crohn’s, Colitis, SIBO, nutrient excess, IBD, leaky gut, intolerances, dysbiosis, parasitic infestation… We make a custom blend depending on what is needed.

We do the same for kidney and liver issues, allergies, dermatitis, fungal infections, seizures, urinary tract infections and so on. Speak with us about your pet’s issue.