Black Foot Raw

Nature's Masterpiece

Colostrum is primordial milk, the milk of the gods. Amazingly, bovine colostrum (from cows) can give humans more benefits than human colostrum gives.

We drink it every day.

Wait. We have intended it for your pet though…

Benefits of Bovine colostrum

based on 7000 studies:

We use one of the best bovine colostrum in the market – Lactose-reduced, from the first milkings of USDA grade A pasture-raised dairy cows.


How do we improve on Nature's masterpiece?

Let nature take its course...

Fermented Colostrum

Microbes, our ancient allies, are the number 1 missing ingredient in pet foods. We add goat’s milk (probably the most nutritious food in the world) and kefir whey to our colostrum. Then we give it time. To furment. To cultivate all the wonderful probiotics for healthier, longer life.

A diverse microbiome leads to longer life...

80% of the immune system is based in the gut…

A healthy gut with good bacteria (probiotics) cultivates:

Microbe Species Probiotic CFU
Commercial Probiotics
2-10 species of microbes
Millions to a few billion probiotic CFU per dosage (as per label)
Blackfoot Probiotic Colostrum
> 60 species of microbes
7.5-15 billion probiotic CFU per dosage (lab-tested)

How do we improve on Nature's masterpiece after furmenting it?

Add more of nature's goodness

If your pet suffers from deficiencies due to allergies, or an improper diet, or carries medical conditions such as diabetes, liver problems, skin issues, cancer, gut problems, arthritis, weak immune system etc., natural superfood supplements added into your pet’s colostrum may help.

Customise a colostrum for your pet now.