Black Foot Raw

Mouse or Moose?

Meat, organs, gut, blood and bones. The ancient prey recreated for your pet. Delicious.

Feeding Your Pet Raw

Let’s start things off with a really fundamental statement…

Carnivores. Eat. Raw. Meats. Always.​

Otherwise known as the CERMA principle.

Got it? Good.

The CERMA principle

Your Pet’s Gut Is Not Built To Digest Cooked or Processed Food

The Raw Diet

In the wild, cats and dogs eat whole prey, raw. They usually eat the whole animal – meat, bones, brain, organs and fur. Their guts are meant to digest this diet which is high in moisture, high in protein and very low in carbo.

This has been their diet for tens of thousands of years. No, they do not have the ability to process carbohydrates very well.

They thrive, eating raw meats. Not cooked food. Not kibbles.

Raw meats.

We do not have to redesign a diet. We only have to recreate nature. Cats eat rodents and birds. Maybe some lizards and insects. We put together the same nutrients using beef, lamb, fish, chicken, duck and more. Wolves prey on deer and rabbits. We recreate the same for dogs. 

Ours is the ancient prey recreated, down to the bone.

Give your pet its natural food

Join the feeding clan, go raw