Black Foot Raw


Mouse or Moose?

Meat, organs, gut, blood and bones. The ancient prey recreated for your pet. Delicious.


Nature's Design.

Organic, free range, grass-fed, wild-caught, antibiotic free, hormone free,gourmet-grade. The blueprint to health.


Balance Over Time.

Over 40 different meats, organs and other whole foods to assemble a complete diet without artificial supplements. True balance au naturel.

Double Freeze.

Rare Meat. Well Done.

Unique double freezing process sends two waves of ice blast to eliminate pathogens. Maintains nutrients and freshness. Your pet's gut will do the rest.


Not just Survive. Thrive.

Microbes, our ancient allies, are the number 1 missing ingredient in pet foods. Our fermented purees and aged bone broths are full of wonder bacteria to cultivate better health and longer life.


Bespoke Service

Custom recipes for pets with medical conditions (diabetes, kidney problems etc.) If yours is a purebred, opting for breed-specific recipes is vital for preventing predisposed conditions. Beyond species-appropriate, breed-appropriate.

From fresh
to furment