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Endless Bone Broths – Creating Ancient Blood and Bones


Believe it or not, due to the dedication to our craft, Kris and I had flown to Thailand in search of an ancient fermented curry recipe called ‘gaaeng dtai bplaa bplaa dook yaang’. No seriously, that’s the name of the dish even though it looked like Shasha had just walked over my keyboard again.


Since Ancient Siam, cooks have employed exotic fermentation techniques to create some very fabulous such as Thai fermented rice noodles, Nam-Pla fish sauce, shrimp paste, fermented fish with high sea salt and so forth.


According to our guide, the recipe for the ancient dish was never written down, usually passed down from generation to generation. We were thinking of procuring the elusive recipe and using the same fermentation technique for, yes, our pet bone broths.


First, the bad news. There is no recipe. The cook we found told us, “We just put whatever spices we need into the pot and we stop when we hear our ancestors of past ages telling us to stop.”


Then the good news. We managed to learn their secret technique on fermenting curry which we can apply on our bone broths.


Eventually we ended up at Wattana Panich, an old shop serving beef soup from a large cauldron that had been simmering there for more than 40 years, when they there still in the middle of a forest.



The first sip put me in a catatonic shock as my palate was gripped by an intense umami embrace. I finished my soup wordlessly as a tribute to the craft put into making the soup. Kris, noticing my immense respect for the soup, said, “It’s better than before. The soup’s aged five years since I last came after all.”


“How can a soup have vintage?” I asked and I repeated the same to the lady serving the soup. It’s fortuitous she happened to speak Chinese.


“Our soup is collected every day. Each night, when the soup has reduced, we would keep it in a pot and simmer it. We keep it as the stock and use it the following day. We’ve been doing this since we opened the restaurant, which was more than 40 years ago,” she said.


‘An endless soup made from the same stock from day one,’ I thought. We could employ the same on our bone broths, so that pets would be enjoying nutrients seeped from generations of bones.


So it is through embracing ancient wisdom and gastronomic nostalgia, and a healthy respect for traditions, that allowed us to create something new for our pets.



Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone broths are brewed over a long time and that means the nutrients from the bones bleed into the broths. Packed full of glucosamine, chondroitin, glycine, and collagen, our broths turn into nutrient dense gelatin to replenish what our pets need in their bodies.


We have already mentioned earlier that the number 1 missing ingredient in pet foods is Bacteria.

Let us say then the number 2 missing ingredient in pet foods is Collagen. 


Preys are eaten wholly. That includes the ears, tail, eyes, skin, cartilage and so on… A lot of these is collagen. In fact, collagen is the most abundant and important protein in the body. It is the glue that holds everything together. The skin requires collagen to be smooth and firm. The joints and cartilage are collagen. Collagen forms 50% of the organs. It is also the digestive lining, which protects the immune system, the lining of veins and arteries, and the blood brain barrier. The eye lens, inner ear, spin all have collagen. Muscle and bone density can be affected by collagen too. Skin, nails, hair, teeth, vocal cords, and cells all contain collagen. It is the synovial fluid that lubricates joints and eyes and we can go on but you get the picture.


Collagen is so important that we have created from Type I to Type V collagen for different purposes and we’ve gone one further. We have fermented the collagen so you can get both probiotics and collagen in one product.


Probiotic Fish Stock Collagen Type 1 (with fermented pilchards)

Great for skin and coat health for your pooch and puss.

Rich in iodine and omega 3

Repairs gut lining

Wound healing (for pets that just underwent surgery)


Probiotic Chicken Feet Bone Broth Collagen Type 2 (with fermented beet kvass)

Best for healthy cartilage, bones, and joints

Strengthens connective tissues

Reduces symptoms of swelling and joint pain (for pets with rheumatoid arthritis)


Probiotic Beef Marrow and Tendon Bisque Collagen Type 3 and 4 (with fermented sauerkraut)

For healthy organs and skin

Enhances elasticity and firmness of skin

Better heart health (blood vessels and heart tissues contain high amounts of this collagen)

Protects liver, lungs and arteries


Probiotic Albumen and Chicken Frame Gel Collagen Type 5 (with fermented miso)

Improving cornea

Building muscle and bone density

Synthesising other collagens


Glycine, one of the nutrients in the bones, is known for aiding the liver to self-detox and when low in the body, it enables the liver to fully flush itself. Bone broth is loaded with glycine which will help keep your pet’s liver functioning properly to fight off the ill effects of stress, toxins, parasites, antibiotics, vaccines, and so much more.


Handcrafted Bone Broths (the Endless Method)

Upon finishing our brew and mixing in the fermented juice, we freeze the broths, putting the probiotics soup into a dormant state. The moment you need to supplement your pet, all you have to do is to thaw the broth to room temperature. This will awake the broth’s innate fermentation process and it will continue for the next 14 days it is good for in the fridge, becoming stronger and better.

And they are all human grade too so if you feel your crow’s feet are starting to appear… Type 1 would be what you should be looking at. Not sure if you’ll tolerate the smell though…