Black Foot Raw

Step 1

Transition to wet food. Start regular feeding schedule. Stop free feeding. It’s not healthy! Introduce tiny portions of canned food – approach us for
recommendations. Remove food after 1 hour. Slowly increase wet food and decrease dry until all food is wet. No dry.

Step 2

Transition to raw food. Break Blackfoot meat packs into parts. Put unused portions into freezer. Add pea-sized amounts of raw. Mix in well. Continue to increase raw as you decrease the wet food. If pet refuses increase in raw, go back to smaller amounts. Do not let your cat refuse food for more than a day… it may cause fatty liver disease! Patience. Your pet is worth it.


  1. Vomiting: reset to smaller amounts. If vomiting persists, switch protein to eliminate possible food intolerance.
  2. Refusing raw completely: Try a different protein (white meat to red or the other way). Add toppers like nutritional yeast, parmesan cheese, crushed kibbles, freeze dried, canned food juice.
  3. Come talk to us to help you troubleshoot… we have helped countless pets transition.