Black Foot Raw

Red Meats

Preys consisted primarily of mammals like gerbils, rabbits, and deer. Using beef, lamb, and kangaroo, we recreate the same amino acid profiles and fats your pet’s wild cousins would eat. Red meats are also vital for minerals like zinc and iron. We use only grassfed or wild caught meats for better omega 3 to 6 ratio and thiamin.


A sparrow is like a vitamin B complex supplement for your pet. To provide the same, we use chicken and duck. The vitamin B family denature when exposed to air so poultry is an important part of your pet’s diet.


Yes, fish is not really a prey for wild cats and wolves but they sometimes ate lizards, an essential source of vitamin D and magnesium. Fish provides your pets with the same, as well as the added boost of omega 3. Mussels add manganese to your pet’s diet.


Muscle organs are taurine rich while secreting organs are so nutritious they are added in small amounts to prevent excess. Liver serves up vitamin A and copper while the various organs like kidney and spleen give you selenium and other essentials.

Ground Bones

Many of you will know that bones are a rich source of calcium. But they also supply magnesium, iron, manganese, selenium and a host of other minerals, as well as traces of highly bio-available vitamin E. The connective tissues are rich in collagen. We use the neck, head, feet, wings, tails, and ribs in our meat packs.

Wholefood Supplements

Egg yolk: for choline, vitamin D and many more. Nutritional yeast: vitamin B complex. Tripe: manganese. Sunflower seed powder: vitamin E and zinc. Oyster: zinc. Kelp: iodine. Inulin: probiotic fibre.