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Frequently asked questions

As a rough guideline:

2-4 months: 10% of body weight, take or give 1-2%
4-6 months: 8% of body weight, take or give 1-2%
6-12 months: 3-6% of body weight

Adult: 2.5% of body weight for maintenance
2% to lose weight
3% to gain weight

Different pets and breeds have different lifestyles and genetic disposition, thereby having different metabolic rates. Monitor your pet’s weight with a scale when switching to a new diet.

2.5% for adult pets and the rest of the recommendations above are standard but dietary needs vary for different pets. Monitor your pet’s weight and eating patterns to establish the ideal diet amount.

Take note also:

Toy breeds may require up to 5% to maintain their ideal body weight.
Small breeds may require 3% of their ideal body weight.
Large breeds and seniors may require only 2%.
Giant breeds and seniors may require only 1.5%.
Active dogs may require between 0.5 – 1.5% more.

Our meat packs undergo a double freezing process which has been shown in lab tests to kill or incapacitate much more bacteria while retaining most of the nutrients in the ingredients.

In any case…
Dogs and cats are predators, with digestive systems adapted specifically for a meat-based diet. Their digestive tracts are short and acidic, and process species-appropriate raw food efficiently in about 12 hours. This gives very little time for bacteria to proliferate in a very hostile acidic environment, so healthy dogs and cats are naturally resistant to food poisoning.

Sadly, many purebred dogs and cats (and hybrids included) have a laundry list of genetic disease-predispositions. A carefully crafted nutrition strategy to prevent or alleviate diseases is vital.

The same can be said for pets with medical conditions such as diabetes, pancreatitis etc. We specialise in therapeutic dietary plans for health crises and disease conditions, working closely with holistic pet nutritionists and animal naturopaths to alleviate suffering and reduce symptoms, leading to a better quality life for your pet. There is no one way or one diet to feed them all.

Contact us about customising a diet.