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Blackfoot’s Ancestral Diet

The raw journey

The ABCs of nutrients

On processed foods

Ailments and diseases

Why Raw?

  Even today, I’m still hearing arguments from well-meaning pet parents that go, ‘Oh, raw pet food is dangerous, and we can suffer from cross-contamination

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  Very often, experts will argue against raw feeding, especially against PMR (Prey Model Raw), stating that deficiencies in nutrients will show up in the

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Kibble Kills   “Rodney Habib, of Planet Paws Pet Essentials, created this info-graphic in his own kitchen to help pet food consumers understand what really goes into the creation

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Kibbles for Humans

  I had a lunch appointment with Shasha the other day. She went for the set menu: salmon roe in mussel hors d’oeuvre; appetiser, tiger

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Filling in the Gaps

      Using a methodical approach, we can put together the right macronutrient balance as well as most of the nutrient requirements. Here, we

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How It All Began

  The story began around twenty years ago, when Kris, our resident dog whisperer, embarked on a quest to discover a natural diet that would

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