Black Foot Raw

We are pet naturopaths, diet formulators, fermentis, and awkward story tellers.

We have over two decades’ experience feeding the raw diet and learning everything about it, helping our and our clients’ pets develop to their fullest potential with great health and longevity.
Let us tell you about them.

Meet Akasha and Anya

Siberian Cats, Guinea Pigs, Blackfoot's poster girls.

Shasha’ and ‘Yaya’ are (almost) totally raw-fed. ‘Shasha’s main duty is to subject herself to food testing. She is helped by Anya, her lil sister, who helps her polish up the leftovers. So far, the results are soft silky coats that melt under caress, small odorless poo, great dental health and zero vet bills. The prognosis is when they get much older, they will not likely be at risk of any kidney, liver, urinary tract, heart and diabetic problem. When Shasha is not sleeping or eating, she invests great effort in annoying the hell out of her guardian, dipping her paw into his glass of freshly-squeezed juice and scrambling the settings on his Macbook so that he can’t figure out how to turn them back. Yaya is her accomplice in crime.


CD / Co-Founder / Raw Food Formulator / Fermentis

Cliff has been a student of the raw food diet for more than two decades, studying whole prey, prey model raw, biologically appropriate raw food and species and breed appropriate diets. As a restauranteur, Cliff struggles to work out the change that’s due on a purchase with a 100 dollar note, but he will readily calculate thiamine content in a 1000 calorie raw diet against AAFCO guidelines. In recent years, he has been studying fermentation techniques to blend fermented purees and brew fermented bone broths to foster better microbiomes in pets. More recently, he has been studying Shasha’s poop keenly. He is a hands on raw food formulator, meaning his fridge is stuffed with human grade pet food ingredients which he uses to cook for himself as well.


CD / Co-Founder / Fermentis

Kris is a dog lover. Put this way, he’s had more dogs than he’s had girlfriends. He first adopted a stray (local), then a silky terrier (Australian) came next, followed by a Border Collie (Scottish), a Papillon (French), a couple of Chihuahuas (Mexican), an Alaskan Malamute and a Japanese Spitz. In the early days, Kris fed his dogs premium kibble brands and found they all developed various ailments in middle to late life, although the ‘normal’ huge smelly poop, bad breath and excessive shedding developed early on. He made the transition when Zephyr, his Border Collie, was diagnosed with cancer, using fasting and a raw diet to reverse the symptoms. He noticed as well that fur shedding was much reduced. Since then, he has studied the ancestral diet of pets to understand pet nutrition better.


Research Analyst / Media Orchestrater / Wonder Woman

Lois may share the same namesake as Superman’s love interest but she’s definitely more Wonder Woman than damsel in distress. In the day time, Lois manages Blackfoot’s social accounts, creating Instagram slides so beautiful people think we are a billion dollar company and shooting tiktok videos that rival Hollywood trailers. But mostly, she seeks to educate. She pores through the latest research every night on the obscurest details, like how much phosphate binders is needed to control phosphorus levels in CKD pets, and how best to displace ammonia waste in pets with liver shunts. Lois is also Blackfoot’s journalist, interviewing luminaries in the field on various topics related to the raw diet. When she goes MIA, she is likely to be snuggling with her rescue cat, Themyscira. She is still waiting for the Oscars Academy to call her.


Production Director / Fleishmaster / Cocktail Connoisseur

Angus handcrafts premium meat products for some of the finest restaurants where quality cannot be compromised. Giving him a cleaver, a hunk of meat and some seasonings is like giving Picasso a paintbrush, a canvas and a set of colours. As Blackfoot’s production director, he uses his expertise to procure the best cuts and create nutritious meat recipes for pets, without preservatives. At the moment he is perfecting his duck pate en-croute, beef wellington, and marrow fondue, for pets. I know, we envy his dogs too. As a bon vivant with a thirst for handcrafted cocktails, Angus also applies his talents towards blending the most palatable puree supplements for pets. When his knives are sheathed, Angus lounges with a Sazerac cocktail, shaken with the finest cognac.